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Opportunities to Teach at UWC Dilijan

Job Opportunities

Updated 10th May 2019

  • IBDP History Teacher…

  • IBDP Economics Business Teacher…


The following vacancies have closed for applications.
  • Depurty Head of College… 

  • Career Counsellor…

  • Teacher of Visual Arts…

  • Outdoor Education Officer…

  • IBDP Spanish Teacher…

  • IBDP Science Teacher…

  • IBDP Music Teacher…

  • IBDP English Teacher…

Working at

UWC Dilijan – one of the 17 United World Colleges – is an intentionally diverse international boarding school in Armenia. It first opened its doors in August 2014 and now has 218 students (16 to 18-year-old) from 77 countries studying International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

We believe that education is “a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future” (UWC Mission). We are a caring, learning community that aims to support the intellectual, moral, emotional, social, spiritual and physical development of our members following the UWC educational principles, model and values.
UWC Dilijan is also part of a wider network of organizations that work to transform Armenia, such as the IDeA Foundation, the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity,the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology.
Educators at UWC Dilijan have a wide and varied role: beyond the classroom, they also have roles to play in our outdoor education program, our CAS program, as mentors and in our residential life programme. There are ample opportunities to get involved beyond the UWCD community in Dilijan and beyond. We encourage you to browse our website and social media feeds to learn more about us.
Main responsibilities:

  • To become involved in different areas of the College life: academic, activities, outdoor programme, personal and social education, residential life and service.
  • To operate both as an individual as a member of different functional collaborative teams.
  • To promote a challenging education that uses the student diversity as an asset.

Personal and professional specifications:

The list below is offered as an indication of our expectations. We are aware that we all follow our own personal paths and have our own strengths and weaknesses. Please do contact us at careers@uwcdilijan.org if you have any questions about these:

  • Commitment and passion for education and inspiring students: at least three years of teaching experience; experience in teaching the IB Diploma Programme would be an advantage.
  • Proven successful experience of working with children and adolescents (other relevant experience outside schools will also be considered).
  • Previous safeguarding training would be an advantage, otherwise appointed candidates will be expected to undergo initial training before joining UWCD and further training while with us.
  • Undergraduate studies in the relevant field; postgraduate studies in education, counseling, or similar areas would be an advantage.
  • Understanding of and/or readiness to join a residential school.
  • Open-mindedness and ability to work in an international, intercultural environment
  • Proficiency in the taught subject. The ability to teach more than one subject and to lead different activities would be an advantage.
  • Professional proficiency in English. Proficiency in other languages as well as intercultural experience is desirable.
  • Previous involvement in both the International Baccalaureate and the Council of International Schools (as an examiner, workshop leader, visiting team member, etc.) would be an advantage.

How to Apply

Well-qualified and experienced teachers who share our vision and those of the UWC movement and the IB are invited to register their interest in working at UWC Dilijan by sending a letter of application with a full curriculum vitae and the names and contact details of three referees, at least one of which should be a current or most recent employer, to careers@uwcdilijan.org.

Please add the position applied for to the subject line of the email.
UWC Dilijan College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students. Applicants must consent to extensive background and police checks and declare details of criminal or other convictions.

Please mention www.leopardfish.com in your application

Teacher Benefits
  • First and foremost, the opportunity to work with truly diverse, wonderful, smart and talented students.
  • A two-year contract renewable by mutual consent.
  • A competitive salary (stated in $US, paid in equivalent Armenian Dram).
  • Rent-free accommodation on or off-campus (depending on the role) including utility bills and free meals in our canteen (also for dependents).
  • An annual travel allowance and relocation allowance at the beginning and end of contract.
  • Usage of the school’s excellent facilities, including an indoor swimming-pool, gym, theatre, workshop and art studios.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Private medical and travel insurance.
  • Armenia has much to offer whether you are interested in nature, history, culture… Located in the Caucasus, the region is developing and there are myriad opportunities to explore it.
School Facilities UWC Dilijan’s grounds extend over 88 hectares of spectacular sloping and wooded countryside, located in the Dilijan National Park. The College’s architectural design aspires to inspire in the students the appreciation of learning and of how we all connect to the world and its shared resources. School spaces are designed to encourage collaborative learning, which is crucial for the development of a well-rounded student. The design also aims at providing access to knowledge anywhere at any time through technology that fuels a continuous, relevant and adaptive learning environment. The highest international standards, most advanced environmentally friendly and renewable technologies employed in the construction include harvesting of natural springs, using rainwater for irrigation and recycling of greywater. The College campus includes the following facilities:

  • School Main Academic and Administration Building (atrium, classrooms, labs), Library and Resource Centre, Integrated IT Facilities
  • Boarding Houses
  • Medical Centre
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities, Playing Fields (FIFA standard football pitch, tennis courts, squash courts, volleyball pitch)
  • Sports Complex (gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness centre)
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Performing Arts Centre and Main Dining Hall (concert hall, theatre, dance studio, music and drama departments)
  • Outdoor Learning Areas / Pods
  • Multi-functional Centre (dining hall and performance space)
  • Private Residential Area

Performing Arts Centre and Main Dining Hall, Staff Accommodation, supplementary Boarding Houses and Private Residential Area are envisioned to be constructed in the future.

Headmaster Gabriel Abad Fernández
Curriculum IB Diploma

UWCD is a diverse international community working towards a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world through a challenging education based upon high academic standards and strong intercultural understanding. The College is an integral part of Dilijan and Armenia and aims to have transforming personal, and positive local and regional impact.   UWCD strives for excellence in an innovative and inspirational educational experience within a joyful, open multi-cultural community which will contribute towards a peaceful and sustainable future. As a learning community, those at UWCD challenge themselves to be sustainable, self-aware and exemplary and to approach our aims with understanding, determination, creativity and intelligence. UWCD is working towards being a cross-cultural college focused on the transformation of students and staff through creative, passionate use of innovative, holistic, experiential education with an overall goal of impacting the wider community, both in the short and medium term as well as in the long term as our students spread out across the globe.

UWCD harnesses the ideals of the UWC movement and RVVZ Universe to create a flagship educational institution that:

• develops young people who are culturally-rooted and internationally-minded;

• empowers students and staff to be innovators, life-long learners and to embrace diversity;

• aims to nurture effective, ethical leaders;

• aims to nurture lifelong fearless learners;

• gives students the opportunity to work independently and to set up their own initiatives;

• pursues experiential learning as a means for radical personal development;

• uses its wonderful natural setting as part of its experiential education;

• expects students to contribute positively to the development of the college and its programmes;

• expects students to engage fully with the college curriculum and to learn to take responsibility for their own organisation and education, equipping them to become proactive lifelong learners;

• aims to link various aspects of the curriculum into an interdisciplinary, meaningful programme;

• has a culture of service rooted in meaningful impact at its heart;

• nurtures and encourages ambition, personal responsibility and excellence in all things, from service and academics to physical activity and the arts;

• utilises the RVVZ network to promote project management, development education and social entrepreneurship;

• educates its students about the history, politics and culture of the Caucasus and Armenia in particular;

• aims to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of Dilijan, Armenia and the Caucasian region.

MOUNTAINOUS COUNTRY IN THE CAUCASUS REGION SITUATED ON THE BORDERS OF ASIA AND EUROPE. The country has a population of three million people, a million of whom live in the vibrant capital, Yerevan. The Armenian diaspora is more than twice the size of the country’s population, consisting of about seven million people. Most live in Russia, France, Canada, the USA, Argentina and Lebanon. Armenia is the cradle of Christianity: according to tradition, the Armenian Church was founded by the apostles Thaddaeus and Bartholomew, who preached Christianity in Armenia between 40-60 AD. It was the first nation to adopt Christianity as its official religion at the beginning of the 4th century AD and modern Armenia recognises the Armenian Apostolic Church as its national church, while maintaining an official separation of church and state.   Today, Armenia has a modern and thriving character. It is similar to and yet distinct from that of many of its neighboring countries. A former republic of the USSR, the Republic of Armenia has evolved into a modern nation-state with a democratic multiparty political system. It has a stable and growing economy and good political and economic relationships with countries such as the USA and Russia. Hospitality and cuisine are keenly valued in Armenia, as they have been since ancient times. It has a long-standing reputation of being a welcoming country for foreigners with Russian and English widely spoken while the official national language is Armenian. It is customary when entering an Armenian household to be offered coffee and pastry, and a meal if there is time. Social gatherings always centre around sumptuous presentations of elaborately prepared dishes bringing out the delicious flavour of organic fruits and vegetables as well as various types of meat followed by sweet pastries.



UWC Dilijan
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