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Opportunities to Teach at SNA -International Schools of North America

Job Opportunities

Vacancy added 8th February 2020

  • Art Teacher

  • MYP Science Teacher

  • MYP Math Teacher


Working at

Thank you for your interest in the International Schools of North America (SNA). We are currently an IBO candidate school for the PYP and DP programs, and will soon apply for candidacy for delivering the MYP program. To this end, we welcome applications from suitably and certified/licensed teachers to join us on our journey to becoming an IB World School in 2020. 


  • BSc or BA (Honors candidates only, not ordinary), mandatory.
  • Secondary license or certification for teaching, e.g. PGCE, PGCEi or similar, mandatory.
  • Master’s degree in Education, preferred.

How to Apply

Please note that we only accept applications from teachers who have a valid teaching license, not TEFL/TESOL or similar. Also, Degrees should be at Honours level, not “Ordinary”
Applicants should understand that SNA regard child welfare as our number one priority. To this end, interested teachers should be able to supply appropriate criminal background checks from the last 5 years proving suitability to work with children/minors. If you are interested in joining our team on its journey, please email your CV, certificates (MA/MEd/BSc/BA), teaching certification/license and any other relevant documents, IN ONE PDF file to:

Please mention in your Application

Teacher Benefits

SNA offer a competitive income package based on years of qualified teaching experience. In addition to the salary, our attractive package includes:

·         Health insurance

·         Generous monthly housing allowance

·         Annual return flight home

·         Free tuition for 1 child

·         Shipping allowance

School Facilities The Physics Laboratory is designed to meet the specific needs of practical hands-on experimentation and investigation into concepts in modern applied physics. Students are provided with all the requisite laboratory materials to carry out experiments and thus make the transition from theoretical concepts to practical applications. The lab instructor is present to demonstrate, but the students themselves are the “amateur scientists” drawing conclusions from their own research. The laboratory is modeled on the American paradigm and meets all requirements for material and appropriate safety standards.
The Chemistry and Biology Laboratory is housed in a center adjacent to the Physics Laboratory. This separate facility is designed to meet the needs unique to experimentation in the realm of chemical and biological application and investigation. Practical research and experimentation in chemistry and biology afford students the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts they have learned. Students learn best by doing. The Chemistry and Biology Laboratory builds on this concept by making the students the focus of their education; by putting the students in the spotlight and letting them take charge of the learning experience. The laboratory is modeled on the American paradigm and meets all requirements for material and appropriate safety standards.
The Computer Lab provides a safe, positive, and fun environment for all high school students to learn computer skills that enrich and prepare them for the challenges in the university subjects. The classroom has new custom-made computer desks and houses 20 personal computers for students. Computer Literacy and Computer Science classes often meet in the Computer Lab for instruction during class hours. Each computer has a high-speed processor and is connected to the Internet via a high-speed line. In addition, the school is outfitted with wireless Internet access throughout.
The SNA Library offers students the opportunity to pursue their literary interests beyond the classroom environment. The library houses volumes in a variety of genres so as to appeal to the interests and desires of a diverse student body. Books with varied degrees of difficulty allow students to choose ability-appropriate material. The library contains reference materials as well as selections in fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, and poetry. Students can use the library as a resource for the writing of assigned research papers or for independent reading at their leisure. The librarian on staff works with American Program classroom teachers in order to guide students and help them locate the most appropriate books to reference for class assignments. Additionally, students are encouraged to read in their free time and may borrow books from the library.
The fresh-water free-form swimming pool affords students with instruction and relaxation time under expert supervision. Swimming is among the top three most healthful exercises. It is a great way to stimulate the brain.
 The Music room is a creative venue where students learn music theory and are given the opportunity to express their inner selves. Instructors are qualified graduates of recognized university music programs. Music appreciation and music theory have been shown to help organize minds and liberate souls. Students may work toward participating in orchestral performances at special school functions.
Our full-size school auditorium facility is an accommodating venue for school programs and school-wide meetings. An integrated professional light and sound system makes it perfect for the performing arts. class=”items-with-title-content”
It is very important to have high quality exercise equipment available to students so they can perform their exercises correctly and get the results that they deserve after hours of hard study. In response to their needs, SNA has built a medium-sized and well-equipped facility that offers our students with a venue to build physical strength and teamwork while being under the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor. Additionally, the facility provides students with a wide selection of fitness equipment ranging from cardio equipment to weightlifting machines. It not only benefits our students’ physical well-being, but it also helps them relax and relieve stress associated with their rigorous academic studies.
In 2012, SNA has completely built a spacious cafeteria where students can enjoy their daily meals in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere. SNA provides food preparation which is safe and sanitary – without compromising quality or nutritional value. The cafeteria manager maintains clean and healthy food storage, preparation, and complies with the appropriate sanitation and health standards mandated by the Vietnamese Food and Drug Administration.
Curriculum Standards used throughout the school includes the California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Math; California Next Generation Science Standards for Science and California State Standards for all other subjects. The Vietnamese program follows the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Training. SNA regularly reviews and modifies its dual curriculum based on current educational research and thinking and other relevant international, national, community issues. An IBO candidate school for the PYP and DP programs

International Schools of North America is committed to its vision of using student learning as the foundation for everything we do.

SNA provides a student – centered learning environment which inspires students to become responsible global citizens and life-long learners whose graduates value integrity, cultural diversity, and the pursuit of academic excellence and patriotism through aligned American and Vietnamese curriculums.

SNA believes that all students can and will learn to become capable 21st century leaders who are:

  • Effective Communicators

  • Collaborative Workers

  • Critical Thinkers

  • Life-long Learners

  • Responsible Global Citizens

Though many travellers might be shocked when they visit Vietnam’s chaotic biggest city for the first time, Hồ Chí Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) is beloved by its residents as a place of surprising calm and order. “The traffic looks crazy, yet once you are in it the cars move at a slow and steady pace, and you rarely see road rage,” said James Clark, an Australian who has lived in the city since 2012 and writes about his travels at Nomadic Notes. Kelsey Cheng from Chicago, who lived in HCMC while volunteering, agrees. “Saigon is a very calming place, despite all the chaos. The lifestyle is relaxed and everyone seems to always make it to places (almost) on time.” Read more

SNA – International Schools of North America
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