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Maths teacher and potential Head of Faculty

The Prague British International School
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Michael Bardsley

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An outstanding British education to children aged 2 – 18. Students are developed as global citizens in a community with over 60 nationalities and a broad and balanced curriculum ensures that each individual child is catered for. PBIS is part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools, the world’s leading premium schools organisation with over 63,700 students in 66 schools around the world.


Teach at The Prague British International School

IB – Diploma Program  Average Class Size 16 LinkedIn
English National Curriculum  1600 Students Aged 2 – 18 Website
COBIS Accreditation 60 + Nationalities  HMC School
CIE Accreditation Student Teacher Ratio 10:1 ECIS member

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Prague British International School provides an outstanding British education to children aged 2 – 18. Students are developed as global citizens in a community with over 60 nationalities and a broad and balanced curriculum ensures that each individual child is catered for. PBIS is part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools, the world’s leading premium schools organisation with over 63,700 students in 66 schools around the world.

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Teacher Benefits Alongside great training and a competitive package, you’ll enjoy the chance to live and work in one of the worlds’ most vibrant cities.
School Facilities
Our top quality facilities give our students and school community a brilliant environment to learn, socialise and thrive such as state-of-the-art auditorium, science and physics laboratories, art studio, food technology studio, school natural garden, craft centres, theatre space, and urban classroom areas.
The latest technologies to support a contemporary approach to learning are available in all classrooms and to all students. Our students have access to excellent language labs and up-to-date equipment, while younger children will begin their journey at a dedicated Early Years Centre. The schools have outdoor sports facilities, Café with terrace and outdoor relax areas. It has been built as a nurturing environment for students, as well as the next generation of athletes, political leaders, thespians and musicians.
In the summer of 2019, the facilities of Libuš campus where redeveloped to house the expanded IGCSE and IB provision in the Upper Secondary school.
Curriculum ENC, IGCSE, IB Diploma
Michael Bardsley 

Thank you for visiting the Prague British International School website. I very much hope that these pages give you a sense of the full and happy life that our students enjoy.
The Prague British International School is a welcoming, supportive and collaborative community, with three campuses in Prague. PBIS is built on more than 25 years’ experience of delivering outstanding education to the local and international communities in Prague. Born two years ago following the merger of two of Prague’s leading international schools, the Prague British School (PBS) and the English International School Prague (EISP), PBIS delivers a world-class British international education to families in Prague.
Building on the past, we are looking to the future to form a unique and engaging learning environment that ensures your child will love coming to school. We value strong, open and honest communication with our students and families which helps to build a supportive and welcoming PBIS community.
We provide unmatched academic and pastoral support so that there are no limits to what your child can achieve. We look at the learning journey of each individual student and ensure it is optimised to ensure the best outcome possible. PBIS teachers are genuinely passionate about the wellbeing of students of all abilities and this passion feeds an ethos of strong pastoral care and a holistic approach to learning.
At PBIS we think beyond traditional education to transform the learning of our students. PBIS students benefit from opportunities offered through the Nord Anglia Global Campus, which connects them to over 61,000 students worldwide. Our global collaborations with the prestigious Juilliard School for performing arts in New York, MIT and UNICEF are further examples of the advantages of belonging to a community that is much more than one school.
The Kamyk, Vlastina and Libus campuses all provide outstanding facilities to support your child’s learning. They all have extensive, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, science labs, spaces for the performing arts as well as creative, interdisciplinary spaces such as Tinker labs and Maker Spaces.
As a parent, you want the best for your child. So do we. Whether you are currently in Prague, or considering moving to the Czech Republic to live and work, the education of your child is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make.
I would encourage you to visit the school to get a full sense of how your family can fit in to the PBIS community. In the meantime, if you visit only a few pages on this website I would encourage you to click on theOur School in Actionpage. This page pulls together all our social media posts and really gives a great flavour of what it’s like to be at PBIS every day.
Best wishes,
Michael Bardsley signature
Michael Bardsley Principal, Prague British International School

As one of the most developed and industrialised economies in Central Europe, expats moving to the Czech Republic will find that the country is no t only a popular tourist destination, but it’s also growing as an expat destination. A small land-locked country, the Czech Republic is the western part of the former Czech and Slovak Federal Republic (Czechoslovakia), which split to form two separate states in 1993.

Tourists flock to the country’s commercial, social and cultural capital, Prague, to marvel at its historical buildings and natural beauty, the central focus of which is the city’s imposing castle. Outside of the capital, there are more historical landmarks to be seen; the country has over 2,000 castles, keeps and ruins, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The majority of the Czech Republic’s population is Czech; other ethnic groups include Slovaks, Germans, Romanis, Vietnamese and Poles. The main language is Czech. Although many of the younger Czech population are able to speak English, as it is taught in most schools, older generations may be unable to converse in English, especially outside the larger cities. German is also a common second language in the Czech Republic. Expats should make at least some attempt to learn Czech if they want to converse with the local population.
Most expats will find themselves living in Prague, which is the site of the European headquarters of many international companies. Recently, the city’s economic structure has become less industrial and more service-oriented. Strong industrial sectors include electronics, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel production, machinery manufacturing, and chemical production. Thriving service-based sectors include financial services, commercial services, tourism and teaching. All of these industries are ideal for expats looking for opportunities to work in the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic has a developed transport system, with Prague having an established network of trains, buses, trams and a metro. Expats living in Prague may get by without owning a car, but those living outside of the city will likely need a vehicle for getting around.
Healthcare in the Czech Republic is adequate and has improved in recent years, with most large medical facilities centred in Prague. Many doctors and dentists are able to speak English. Healthcare is free to all citizens, and is provided through compulsory contributions to a state-approved insurance fund. Some expats may qualify to have access to this fund, depending on their residency status. The Czech Republic also has reciprocal health agreements with some countries, so expats should explore their options in this regard.
Expats with children need not worry about their children’s education when relocating to the Czech Republic. There are a number of international schools in Prague, all catering to different nationalities.
Prague has ranked highly in numerous international liveability surveys and offers expats a high standard of living. As Czechs are known to be some of the heaviest beer drinkers in the world, it goes without saying that there is a thriving social scene, with many pubs and restaurants offering expats a good night out. Due to its central location in Europe, there are also many opportunities for travel outside of the Czech Republic for a weekend break or extended holiday.


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