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IB PYP Homeroon Teacher - Maternity Cover Mar 2021

Bogaerts International School
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David-Ian Bogaerts

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As Bogaerts International School is a PYP-authorized school, our pedagogical  approach aligns itself with that of the IB. This means that, above all else, we value a  student’s ability to inquire about the world around him or her, and his or her ability  to make choices based on inquiry and a desire to understand his or her  surroundings. Thus, we develop our curriculum, as a whole staff, with this approach  in mind. A homeroom teacher at B.I.S. must share this passion for independence, for  life-long learning, and must embrace the teacher’s role as a guide. We seek to  create a challenging, fresh type of learning that differs from a traditional schooling  model; this requires commitment, hard work, and creativity. 

Homeroom teachers take primary responsibility for: English language and literacy,  social studies, mathematics and visual arts.


 Bogaerts International School

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Job Opportunities at Bogaerts International School

New Vacancy 18th December 2020

    Working at

    Qualities that we value in potential team members are:
    • Excellent or Native English speaking and writing skills;
    • A university teaching degree or significant teaching experience (depending on the position);
    • Educational organization skills (in lesson planning, collaborative planning, resource preparation, etc.);
    • General computer and technology skills (preferred but not required);
    • Experience with IB pedagogy (preferred but not required).
    Our school is project-oriented, thus stimulating students to be curious, creative and responsible learners able to combine their own strengths and talents with those of a wide variety of other persons through constructive teamwork. Students are encouraged to develop their own learning preferences, to develop their talents and interests and to develop their personal identity . We see it in our mission not only to prepare for a challenging and complex future, but to participate actively in construing it.

    How to Apply

    Please send your CV and a cover letter to Please note that only candidates whose skills and experience best match our needs will be contacted.

    Benefits and Facilities

    Teacher Benefits A competitive benefits package, full details available at interview.
    School Facilities The Domain Latour de Freins in Uccle, now houses B.I.S., with 6,600 square meters in a wooded park of 9 hectares. It is one such school in Brussels that boasts a vast campus for its students with a state of the art infrastructure.
    Head of School David-Ian Bogaerts
    Curriculum IB PYP, MYP, Diploma


      Bogaerts International School is a vibrant, internationally-minded, family-oriented K-12 school located in The Domain of Brakes (Uccle). This area is classed as semi-urban, and has a natural green area. The school is located at the doorstep of Brussels, but the campus itself is a quiet and secluded wooded area. This gives you access to some of the most enriching culture in Europe while maintaining a pleasant and safe learning environment for your child. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a high-quality education to a diverse community of students, representing both local Belgian families and families from the world over.

    Stemming from Bogaerts Education, founded in 1970 by Rodolphe Bogaerts, B.I.S. is the only fully accredited IB world school in Brussels, offering a continuum of three programmes of education: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). Our learning community represents over 50 nations, each one in the halls of our campus through our curriculum and events .

    Brussels is many cities in one. It is the bilingual capital of Belgium, where the official languages are French and Dutch; it calls itself the Capital of Europe, home to both the EU and NATO headquarters; medieval and modern architecture are only blocks apart; and visitors may experience two widely different cities: a gray, bureaucratic town and a culturally rich city with spots of charm. Drawing a diverse European and international resident population, Brussels is a multinational gem in the heart of the continent.

    What is it known for?  Today, thousands of EU and NATO employees from all over the world live and work in Brussels, not to mention those employed at the attendant institutions, organisations, lobbying groups and media that round out the city’s political universe. It makes for a diverse cultural scene overlaid onto a seemingly staid bourgeois city. “You can find people from every corner of Europe, from Lisbon to Tallinn, as well as communities from Africa and Turkey,” said longtime resident Genevra Forwood. “Plus there is the ongoing political, cultural and linguistic wrestling match between the Flemish [Dutch speaking], Walloons [French speaking] and Bruxellois [bilingual].” Find out more at

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