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Classroom Teacher

Finnish School
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25th September
Kaija-Leena Salovaara

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Due to increased student numbers and the need to separate classroom to meet Covid19 requirements, we are recruiting for an additional:

Primary Classroom Teacher

The applicant needs to have a University diploma in the field, a teacher qualification and relevant teaching experience. Knowledge or experience in Finnish education system is an asset.

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Opportunities to Teach at Finnish School of Kosovo

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Vacancies added- 11th September 2020


    Working at

    Finnish School of Kosovo, a member of Finnish Schools International is the most innovative international school in the region, utilizing the Finnish education system and teachers – the best in the world – combined with unique and proprietary educational technology. We use:
    1. Technology and games to personalise the learning for every student;
    2. Outdoor learning, sports and unique learning environment design, to improve the health and wellbeing of our students;
    3. Integrated arts and crafts to develop creativity and team dynamics; and
    4. Kitchen science, programming and robotics to develop a love for STEM.

    While majority of teachers come directly from Finland, we are recruiting international teachers for the listed positions. The applicant needs to have

    • a University diploma in the field
    • a teacher qualification and relevant teaching experience.
    • Knowledge or experience in Finnish education system is an asset

    How to Apply

    Please fill in the application form at and send a CV and a Letter of Motivation (no other documents please) to  cc:

    Please mention in your application

    Teacher Benefits
    1. Competitive salary with excellent saving capacity
    2. Flight Allowance
    3. Housing Allowance
    4. School lunch can be purchased for 40 euro per month
    5. Free tuition for the first child and reduced tuition for other children (meals and transportation is not covered)
    6. Basic private health insurance for the teacher and the first child (if applicable)
    7. Work and residence permit payments for the teacher and family
    8. 18 working days holidays per year (to be used in Summer and Winter holidays)
    9. All local income taxes

    FSoK – Teacher’s Benefits and Responsibilities Scheme – Final International Teachers

    School Facilities The Finnish School of Kosovo has designed every detail of the campus to be in the service of learning as effectively as possible.
    Each floor of the facility has a space for relaxation and socialization among students
    Outdoor learning environments stimulate the diversity of children’s play experience and contribute to their healthy development. Finnish School incorporates the learning process as part of outdoor activities.
    In Finnish School, we use kitchen ingredients that children see and use every day, to conduct scientific experiments. In addition to Chemistry, Biology and Physics Labs, students conduct advanced science experiments using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
    Head of School Kaija-Leena Salovaara
    Curriculum Finnish / International

    Grades 1 to 2 : Becoming a school child   The teaching of year classes 1 and 2 takes into account the pre-school and early-stage education skills. The special function of Year 1 and 2 is to provide a foundation for pupils’ positive perception of themselves as a learner and a pupil and to develop the skills for later work and learning. At the beginning of basic education, careful monitoring of each pupil’s progress is particularly important in order to ensure that the student has the preconditions for progress.

    Grades 3-6:     Developing as a learner The specific task of year 3 to 6 is to learn how to develop learning skills and to identify and develop their own learning habits and skills. Students are encouraged to accept themselves, to identify and defend their borders and rights, and to take care of their own safety. They are also guided to understand their responsibilities and responsibilities as well as constructive expression and interaction. No bullying or discriminatory behavior is allowed. Pupils’ interest in ethical and moral issues is utilized by creating opportunities for discussion and reflection, as well as for engaging in participation and accountability. Students are encouraged to make choices from their own starting point, avoiding gendered solutions. Particular attention will be paid to the needs of pupils’ guidance and support. In the years 3 to 6 classes, the basic skills acquired in the lower grades are strengthened and supplemented and new things are learned. The number of subjects is increasing. Teaching aims to find natural situations for de-fragmentation. The implementation of multidisciplinary learning modules strengthens co-operation between the subjects and provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in their age. Learning functions can increase the functionality of the work
    Low Secondary School The specific tasks of years 7 to 9 are to guide and support pupils during strong years of development, to provide for the completion of studies in elementary education and to encourage all students to continue their studies. Particular care is taken to ensure that each student is given the best possible conditions for postgraduate studies and is able to reflect on their solutions on a realistic and informed basis. The individual differences in development between students, including the different development rhythms of boys and girls, are starting to appear more clearly and affecting the school work. Students are guided to understand their own development and are encouraged to accept themselves and take responsibility for themselves and their own studies, friends and the surrounding environment. Students are supported in community affiliation that does not accept any form of bullying, sexual harassment, racism or any other discrimination. Relationships, individual encounters, and the diversity of working methods and learning environments strengthen student motivation. Practice-based assessment and feedback practices are designed and implemented so that they are interactive and learning-driven, and encourage students to work individually and collectively as targets. Home and school co-operation gets new forms and content. Agreeing with common rules and good practices with learners and guardians creates security and promotes the success of schoolwork.
    Upper Secondary School The role of upper secondary education is to strengthen broad-based education. In high school education, general education consists of values, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and will to enable individuals capable of critical and independent thinking to act responsibly, sympathetically, comfortably and successfully. During the high school, the student acquires knowledge and know-how relevant to people, cultures, nature and society. High School Teaching enriches the student to understand the complex inter dependencies in life and the world and to structure broad-based phenomena. High School education is a teaching and educational task. During education, the student builds on their identity, humanity, worldview, and worldview. At the same time, students develop their relationship with the past and focus on the future. Primary education deepens the student’s interest in the world of sciences and arts and develops skills in working life and work. The upper secondary education guides the student to prepare future plans and lifelong learning.


    The city has a majority Albanian population, alongside other smaller communities. With a municipal population of 204,721 inhabitants (2016), Pristina is the second-largest city in the world with predominantly Albanian-speaking population (after Tirana in Albania)

    Within Serbia, it would be the 4th largest. Geographically, it is located in the north-eastern part of Kosovo close to the Goljak mountains. The city is situated some 250 kilometers north-east of Tirana, 90 kilometers north of Skopje, 520 kilometers south of Belgrade and 300 kilometres east of Podgorica. During the Paleolithic Age, what is now the area of Pristina was envolved by the Vinča culture. Pristina was home to several Illyrian and Roman people at the classical times. King Bardyllis brought various tribes together in the area of Pristina in the 4th century BC, establishing the Dardanian Kingdom.
    The heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city, represented by ancient city of Ulpiana, that was considered one of the most important Roman cities in the Balkan peninsula. In the Middle Ages, Pristina was an important town in Medieval Serbia and also the royal estate of Stefan Milutin, Stefan Uroš III, Stefan Dušan, Stefan Uroš V and Vuk Branković.
    When the Ottomans conquered the Balkan peninsula, Pristina was an important mining and trading center due to its strategic position near the rich mining town of Novo Brdo. The city was known for its trade fairs and items, such as goatskin and goat hair as well as gunpowder. The first mosque in Pristina was built in the late 14th century while under Serbian rule. Tolerance and coexistence of religion and culture has been part of the society for centuries.

    The capital city, Pristina is the heart of Kosovo due to its central location and its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education, service, research and healthcare. Almost all domestic and foreign companies, media and scientific institutions have headquarters in the city.

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    Finnish School of Kosovo
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