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While Laos is a very poor country with limited infrastructure, it has a stunningly beautiful mountainous terrain which is good for hiking, camping and generally exploring. The country is Buddhist and the dominant language lao (although French is commonly spoken as well). The English language is less known by the locals and this obviously will create challenges for a number of expats. Laos is also a safe location and, while not necessarily cosmopolitan, western goods and service are close by in neighboring Thailand. Indeed, Laos is a good platform for travel in Asia. Read more… 

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Cost of Living

Cost of living

Laos is neither a cheap nor expensive place to live. In fact, according to Xpatulator’s latest July 2016 analysis, Laos’s cost of living is about at the international average. Such goods and services as the Internet, transport and recreation tend to be on the higher side. On the other hand, an accommodation can be procured at a reasonable amount, and restaurants, groceries, clothing, furniture, appliances and alcohol are all cheap. The expat, assuming their remuneration package is fair, should be able to live comfortably and save money at the same time. Read more…

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Laos has a tropical monsoon climate, with a pronounced rainy season from May through October, a cool dry season from November through February, and a hot dry season in March and April. Generally, monsoons occur at the same time across the country, although that time may vary significantly from one year to the next. Monthly rainfall also varies regionally, you can click on the map below to select the weather station for more information. Temperatures range from average highs around 40 degrees Celsius along the Mekong in March and April to lows of 5 degrees celsius or less in the uplands of Xiangkhoang and Phôngsali in January.

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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The political and security status of countries around the world are constantly changing, to keep up with the current situation in any country please monitor the relevant Government websites and international news. The links below also provide useful indicators for prospective travelers:

The UK Foreign Office         US State Department         BBC World News         Al Jazeera   

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