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According OECD’s Better Life Index, the expat can expect a mixed experience in South Korea. On the one hand, it is certainly a modern, free and democratic state and highly digital as well (home to tech giants like Samsung and LG Electronics). Still, the country seems to languish in environmental quality, satisfying social connections and work-life balance. Nonetheless, the western expat will likely reside in Seoul – home to 25 million people – and there enjoy a rather comfortable western lifestyle. The city is very cosmopolitan inclusive of good infrastructure, modern skyscrapers and an interesting assortment of scattered palaces, museums and temples. The expat will also be able to enjoy a highly reliable and functional subway system in Seoul along with a wide range of restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and a seemingly innumerable number of recreational and cultural opportunities. Read more…

Satisfying sites on lifestyle in South Korea

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Cost of Living

Cost of living

Seoul is an expensive place to live. According to Xpatulator’s July 2016 report, the city significantly exceeds the international average for cost of living. These high costs are seen in a number of goods and services including accommodations, groceries, clothing, furniture and appliances, recreation and cultural activities as wells restaurants and hotels. It seems that the only cheap service provided in all of Seoul is the Internet. Nonetheless, the western expat employed at a reputable international school should be able to negotiate a fair compensation package that reflects the living costs in Seoul.

Satisfying sites on cost of living in South Korea

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The climate in South Korea could be described as temperate. With four distinct seasons the winters are long cold  and dry whereas summers are typically long hot and humid. Spring and Autumn are more pleasant, being milder but short in duration. January’s temperatures can fall to – 5 degrees Celsius while in July the temperatures can rise to 25 degrees Celsius. Two thirds of the annual rainfall occurs between June and September. 

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Visa Restrictions

Visa Restrictions

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The political and security status of countries around the world are constantly changing, to keep up with the current situation in any country please monitor the relevant Government websites and international news. The links below also provide useful indicators for prospective travelers:

The UK Foreign Office       US State Department        BBC World News         Al Jazeera 

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