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Whether you’re a cosmopolitan, culture loving expat or nature-loving outdoorsy type, Argentina will not disappoint. Buenos Aires is full of trendy and quirky cafes and bars, fine and varied restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and cultural institutions which deliver an impressive array of fine arts to both the locals and international community. Argentina is also a nature wonderland consisting of several ecosystems with such jewels as glaciers, the Andes mountains, tropical jungles, stunning coastline and waterfalls like the Iguazu Falls . Needless to say, there is much landscape to explore and play in. Also, happily, Argentina is a fairly safe country to reside in (opportunistic petty theft being the exception). Of course, language could be a challenge for the English speaking expat from time to time. While most locals seemingly know basic English in the hospitality industry, many Argentinians do not. This can make navigation, retail shopping, doing personal business and dealing with the government tricky at times.

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Cost of Living

Cost of living

Residing in Argentina is not a bad bet for the expat’s budget. Indeed, according to Xpatulator’s July 2016 report, the cost of living in Argentina is lower than the international average. This becomes apparent when one purchases any number of goods and services such as healthcare, transit, groceries, an Internet plan, personal care items, restaurant meals and alcohol. The only items that appear more pricey are clothing and household accommodations. Assuming the western expatriate teacher is able to negotiation a fair remuneration from his or her international school employer, he or she will be able to not only live comfortably, but will save some money as well.

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The  climate in Argentina varies greatly from region to region. The Pampas area and Buenos Aires have a temperate climate, being quite cold in winter and humid in summer January is the hottest and rainiest month in Buenos Aires with an average temperature 25 degrees celsius and the coldest month is July when the temperature drops to a cooler 12 degrees. The desert areas of Argentina can claim summer temperatures of 50 degrees with extremely cold winters.The Andes are cool in summer and during the winter the temperature can get very cold depending on the altitude. Temperatures can shift dramatically within a single day. It is important to note that the seasons are the opposite from the Northern Hemisphere.

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Visa Restrictions

Visa Restrictions

Work Visa’s are issued by the National Directorate of Migration in Argentina. Applications are usually applied for by the employing company. Your new school will have experience of applying for these and you can expect that good schools will organise and cover the costs of the Visa’s in advance of your arrival.

To keep informed about the latest amendments to Visa requirements please visit the website of the National Directorate of Migration.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The political and security status of countries around the world are constantly changing, to keep up with the current situation in any country please monitor the relevant Government websites and international news. The links below also provide useful indicators for prospective travelers:

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