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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a very popular destination for western expatriates. The cities are cosmopolitan, have good infrastructure, and are inclusive of nice shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and hotels. Also, while the UAE is an Islamic country, non-Muslims – particularly westerners – generally feel free to live their lives according to their values. Of course, one must still be careful, particularly in regards to eating and drinking during Ramadan as well as consuming alcoholic beverages. Some things are better done behind close doors. Also, expats (particularly the ladies) should be careful to conform to community standards relating to dress. Still, these limitations and cultural accommodations can be over exaggerated. Just about any item or activity in which a westerner might be interested in is available somewhere in the seven emirates within the UAE. Read more…      

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Cost of Living

Cost of living

While the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are popular destinations for western expats, living costs are rising in this country and many internationals are beginning to find it difficult to add to their savings as they once could a decade ago. This is due to the rising costs of accommodations, restaurants, alcohol, clothing, communication, furniture, appliances and recreation. All of these items generally cost significantly more than in most other places in the world. The expat might want to consider how much spending and saving power they’ll receive through the salary they’ve negotiated with their prospective employer. Read more…

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The UAE has a subtropical climate spread across two long seasons, Summer and Winter. The summertime spans from April to October and is humid and warm, with temperatures reaching and exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is prevalent during the winter months occurring in short cloudbursts and thunderstorms with temperatures around 15 degrees.  Sandstorms hit the area between May and early July. Rainfall occurs in January and February which are the wettest months of the year, despite this there is still an average of eight hours of sunshine per day.

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Visa Restrictions

Visa Restrictions
Once you have a job offer from a school in Turkey you will need to obtain a work visa. The requirements for this often differ depending on your nationality and qualifications. For the latest up to date information for entry please visit the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Your new employer will be your sponsor and will undertake most of the paperwork for you. You will however be required to supply the school with relevant paperwork and on arrival you will also have to attend a number of appointments to finalise this process find out more… Age restrictions often apply in the Middle East and this may make your application more challenging if you are over the age of 60. Family Visa’s are also subject to special conditions. Please ensure that you talk to your new school about this at the earliest opportunity. Required documentation you can prepare in advance :

Your full birth certificate (including travelling family)

Marriage certificate or proof of single status.

Criminal record check from your home/previous country(s)

Passport / ID copies (including travelling family)

Passport size photographs

Health record from an authorised clinic (incl any traveling family members)

Attested Teaching Degree Certificate

The Visa process can often be delayed Leopardfish recommend that you are proactive and plan well in advance of your arrival date.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security The political and security status of countries around the world is constantly changing, to keep up with the current situation in any country please monitor the relevant Government websites and international news. The links below also provide useful indicators for prospective travelers:

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