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International Schools

The goal of Leopardfish is to help you discover more about your preferred destination and the opportunities it can offer you. To do this we have researched all of the important factors that you need to consider before relocating. The links below will take you to maps of continents and countries, there we have a number of features; the location of each International School, what the social life is like, how the cost of living compares, will the climate suit you, visa requirements and regional security.

Our Unique interactive Map allows you to easily navigate to your school of interest, with one click you will be able to find an overview of the school, details of their curriculum, links to the webpage and social media sites. Leopardfish have even included professional accreditation and some official school inspection reports.

Please note this data is constantly evolving and under development. We have not yet covered all countries and sections but we are working on it!

Selecting one of the Continents listed below will take you to the map of all International Schools in that area.