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Kosovo is not just for adventure seekers, humanitarians and social advocates. While poorer and a bit less safe than it’s neighboring Eastern European neighbors, Kosovo offers a vibrant youthful culture in both Pristina and it’s smaller towns  (replete with trendy restaurants, cafes, and clubs) as well as an extraordinary natural terrain that lends itself to hiking and backpacking exploration. Also, while Kosovans are generally Islamic, they are quite known for their religious moderation and tolerance of other faiths, mirroring more western values than one might expect. While not may locals do not speak English (with the exception of a number of youth), they are generally very helpful. Typically, expats can shop retail and navigate the country quite easily.

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Cost of Living

Cost of living

Kosovo is cheap by western standards. Indeed, according to’s July 2016 report, the cost of living in Kosovo is well below the international average. This becomes apparent when purchasing any number of goods and services such as housing accommodations and furnishings, transport, clothing, Internet plans, alcohol, groceries and restaurant meals. A teaching expat at an international school should be able to not only live comfortably but save some money as well.

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The weather in Kosovo is continental in nature where the summers are warm with temperatures of between 14 and 25 degrees Celsius the winters cold and snowy with temperature ranges from -5 to 6 degrees Celsius. Autumn temperatures range from occasional highs of 23 degrees to lows of 1 degree Celsius with spring a possible 1 – 21 degrees Celsius. Overall Kosovo a pleasant habitable climate.

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Visa Restrictions

Visa Restrictions

Since March 8, 2010 all foreign citizens who work or wish to work in Kosovo need to apply for a work permit. The permits are issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and you will require the assistance of your new school to complete  the process. It is worth noting that once you have been in the country for more than three months you will become a resident of Kosovo for tax purposes. Kosovo operates a worldwide tax system and so you will need to declare all of your worldwide earnings.

Kosovo is inline to become an official candidate for EU membership and this will influence its Visa processes in due course. For further information please view the inmotion website.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The political and security status of countries around the world are constantly changing, to keep up with the current situation in any country please monitor the relevant Government websites and international news. The links below also provide useful indicators for prospective travelers:

The UK Foreign Office         US State Department         BBC World News         Al Jazeera       Kosovo Times