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Leopardfish – International School Search – Europe

The Leopardfish Map below shows all of the International Schools that we have located in Europe, some have been clustered together into one location. These are displayed as circular markers, each one displays the number of schools in that general location. You can zoom in on the Map using the slider on the left hand side of the map. Alternatively you can click on a location for more detail. You can search the map by location, foe example if you type in Berlin and set the search radius to 25 km you will be to view all the schools we have located in this area. To return to the original map press the reset button.

 marker  IB School   green marker   US School  blue-dotUK School orange-dotCombined Curriculum’s

Leopardfish – Individual country pages have more detail and advice.

 Albania      Andorra      Armenia      Austria      Belarus      Belgium      Bosnia and Herzegovina      Bulgaria

Croatia      Cyprus      Czech Republic      Denmark      Estonia      Finland      France      Georgia      Germany     

Hungary      Ireland      Italy      Kazakhstan      Kosovo      Latvia     Lithuania      Luxembourg

Malta     Monaco      Montenegro     Netherlands      Norway      Poland      Portugal      Romania

Russia     Slovakia     Slovenia     Spain     Sweden     Switzerland     Turkey