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Botswana is a peaceful and stable African country. It has also been on the economic upswing since its departure from the British Empire in 1966 and is able to boast impressive growth rates in per capita income. Botswana is also well endowed with natural resources and is a popular destination for tourism in Southern Africa.The official language in Botswana is English, but Setswana is also quite popular, and if an expat travels to a more rural location, he or she is encouraged to learn this language. Also, while quality healthcare is quite accessible in Botswana, serious emergencies and procedures may require trips to South Africa.The leisure opportunities may seem rather exotic for the westerner. There is a wealth of wildlife. Safaris and hiking are popular. Also, Namibia and South Africa are close by and are popular with the tourists community. Read more…

Satisfying sites on lifestyle in Botswana

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Cost of Living

Cost of living

According to Xpatulator, Botswana is a cheap destination for the western axpat. With the exception of communication, almost everything cost less: living accommodations, transport, groceries, clothes, recreation, alcohol and tobacco. Read more…

Satisfying sites on cost of living in Botswana

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The best time to visit Botswana is during the winter months from April till August as the days are generally pleasant and the wildlife never wanders far from their water sources. Enjoy wildlife viewing and explore the Okavango, as prolonged rains may render sandy roads uncross-able, and animals disperse when water is abundant. Summer (December to April) isn’t the best time to visit.

Visa Restrictions

Visa Restrictions

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The political and security status of countries around the world are constantly changing, to keep up with the current situation in any country please monitor the relevant Government websites and international news. The links below also provide useful indicators for prospective travelers:

The UK Foreign Office     US State Department     BBC World News     Al Jazeera