Our Story

We are a group of youngish international teachers who work from home and also have real jobs in teaching.  Between us, we have experienced life and work in over fourteen countries: Malaysia, Palestine, Qatar, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, India, UAE, Czech Republic, Austria, USA and UK. We met while working in a school in Oman, and as with all expats, when they meet, they get to talk about their own unique, exciting and sometimes frustrating international experiences.

After moving on to new destinations around the globe, we connected over dinner one evening in Prague and as usual the conversation turned to international teaching. Which is the best country to work in? Where can we find the biggest selection of jobs? Where can we get the most reliable information? So, to cut a long story short, we decided that we wanted to set up a website for teachers like us, young and not so young, newly qualified, experienced and even retired. We wanted to help you avoid some of the challenges we faced by offering our experience and provide you with information to the best possible decision. Over supper that evening Leopardfish was born. You may wonder why we named our website after a fish found in the Gulf of Oman. We did it for sentimental reasons really. Oman is place we love and a memory that connects us. We were all in agreement that whilst we had incredible experiences we would all have benefited from a website such as this. Our aims:

  • To provide a wide variety of current teaching opportunities in as many countries as possible, to provide as much choice as possible.
  • To provide information on climate, cost of living, lifestyle, visa restrictions and safety in your chosen country.
  • To give you easy access to a unique collection of valuable information on each school listed.
  • To bring you articles and blogs on teaching and travel in the expatriate world.
  • To support you in finding your next teaching experience.

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